Updating iphone on different computer

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On an i Pad mini with Retina Display, one warning said 6.9  GB.

While the operating system itself is about a 1-gigabyte download (which is pretty big), your device needs even more breathing room to perform the update.

We are going to leave the i Tunes music folder in the default location on this computer, but share it on the network so all of the other computers can see it.

At this point, all of your computers are accessing the same music library.

Logically, you would think that you could just plug any given i Phone into your computer and drag over the requested content without much fuss. By default, i OS devices are very monogamous when it comes to the i Tunes library they're associated with, and they are set up to sync with these libraries automatically.

Plug in someone else's i Phone into your computer and you risk loading them up with your contacts, Notes, voice memos, and all sorts personal information.

I wanted access to my music on both machines, but I did not want to share my Macbook Air’s library because the laptop would have to be on with i Tunes running for the Mac mini to have the music.

Procedure 1: Procedure 2: Go to the computer that’s going to act as the music host (the one that will be sharing your music to all of your other computers).You can deauthorize computers or accounts at any time following the instructions found at Apple’s support website.Luckily, though, once you have i Tunes configured with a single i Tunes Account, there does not appear to be a limit to the number of i Pods, i Phones, and i Pads one can sync to a single i Tunes library.This means that you can only authorize five separate Mac or PC computers or user accounts to playback protected i Tunes content or use Home Sharing using a single i Tunes Account.For example, if you have created five different user accounts on the same computer, and have authorized i Tunes for each user account on that one computer with the same i Tunes Account, then you have reached your maximum number of authorizations.

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