Trouble updating itunes 11

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Click on i Tunes in the toolbar and choose "Check for Updates." Click "Update" and wait for your download to finish.

He updated i Tunes on it yesterday, and he says this latest version just doesn't open and only brings up an error message. I only use a Mac now, so can't test it myself, so I just wondered if any i Tunes and Windows users have had the same problem with this latest version.

The way you do this depends on whether you're using a Mac or a PC. Now it's time to update i Tunes (these instructions assume you already have Apple Software Update open).

You may want to go back to the previous one, but can you?

Each time Apple releases an i Tunes update, new features, bug fixes and support for new devices are added to the software. In some cases, i Tunes will prompt you to update on its own with a pop up window informing you of the update. ​ On a Mac, i Tunes updates are performed via the App Store program that comes bundled with Macs.

So when I saw the message, I was quite frankly stumped. In fact I had to double-check because I wasn’t sure that the repair did anything.

If someone could also give us a way of fixing it, that would be great as well. After I followed these steps, everything worked fine.

This latest i Tunes works fine on the Mac by the way, so if you use a Mac it is safe to update. When I tried updating to the newest i Tunes for Windows, a few days ago, I had errors too, both during the installation and when I tried to start the program, and the errors here were something to do with mobile device support. ITunes opened up normally, my library was there in full, and I've had no trouble since.

If i Tunes launches without error with a new library, then you know the problem is with your old library.

If the problem persists, your library is most likely OK.

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