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Nevertheless, more than 30 years later, race discrimination in housing continues to be a problem.The majority of the Justice Department's pattern or practice cases involve claims of race discrimination.Sometimes, housing providers try to disguise their discrimination by giving false information about availability of housing, either saying that nothing was available or steering homeseekers to certain areas based on race.Individuals who receive such false information or misdirection may have no knowledge that they have been victims of discrimination.

Where force or threat of force is used to deny or interfere with fair housing rights, the Department of Justice may institute criminal proceedings.

Scott Weiland wrote the lyrics after a girl he was dating was raped by three high school football players after a party.

Weiland has stated the song is an anti-rape statement, not a song simply about sex, saying: In an October 1997 interview in Seconds magazine, Glenn Danzig mentions the similarity of the main riff to the Danzig song "Snakes of Christ".

During the grunge explosion of the 1990s, the music video for "Sex Type Thing" is usually denoted as the single factor that drove Stone Temple Pilots into the scene.

The video was in medium-heavy rotation on MTV during the time, and helped make STP a contender in the grunge war.

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