Sagittarius woman dating taurus man

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Sagittarius can add fun and variety to the life of a Taurean and in return a Taurean can provide Sagg a secure base and lead them through the way for achieving their dreams and ambitions.

Both these signs possess the characteristic of honesty and frankness, but they differ very much while expressing it.

As far as a Taurus and a Sagittarius pair is willing to communicate with each other and ready to appreciate their differences, they can make a new perspective to their relationship and will be able to make it a stable and happy one.

Characterwise they are two extremes, Sagittarius, famous for their restlessness and Taurus with their down to earth, fixed approach while dealing with the matters.

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He likes influence, based on the real value he brings to his friends and family.If you lie to this woman, she will lose all respect for you.Scorpio requires a strong-willed mate fearless of her power, comfortable with intimacy and willing to navigate emotional storms.You are open and straightforward and sometimes it may be felt as rudeness to others.For you love is an enjoyable game and you are in it till you find it interesting. You do not like the demanding partners as you want to enjoy your independence and of the partner.

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