Sabrina dj dating terabrite

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Everyone who has kept an eye on the news lately has seen Sabrina Abu-Obeid's magical color-changing hair that has exploded the internet over the past few weeks.

After Sabrina's boyfriend and fellow band member DJ Monopoli notices her newly-dyed hair change color before his eyes when she walks from the kitchen to the bathroom, he's mesmerized and posts a video on You Tube.

Enjoy our cover of Running With Scissors by I See Stars!

We needed a name for the artist page, and DJ suggested Tera Brite. As for the music industry, I think we add a dynamic that's different from the norm by being a duo who have also been dating for seven years now.

We are able to produce high quality content on our own from home and interact on a closer level with our fans than the traditional artists out there who have producers/managers do most of the work and social posting.

v=s R2x Ft DAJws) We knew the moment we saw the official music video for Hard Times that Paramore new album in 2017 “After Laughter” is going to be amazing!

Love the rhythmic 80’s feel of Paramore’s Hard Times and can’t wait to hear more!

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