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Of course, someone like Hitler probably never repented to begin with, so the issue is moot, but the larger theological question remains and is at the center of Abel Ferrara's gritty and disturbing drama Bad Lieutenant.

Harvey Keitel portrays the unnamed title character, a New York City cop who is spiraling out of control in a morass of various drug addictions, gambling fixations and sexual improprieties.

Because of this, the authors contend, most of the homeless need something other than or more than just a roof. Anyone who doubts this assessment should visit a homeless shelter.

All too often, shelters provide residents with little or no help for their real problems.

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Isn't it part and parcel of at least some branches of Christianity that if a sinner sincerely repents before his death all is forgiven and an entrance to heaven is assured? Does it make you slightly uneasy, thinking of sharing cloud space with the likes of the most evil man of the 20th century?

This event, and similarly tragic ones that have occurred in New York City and elsewhere over the last decade, are extreme manifestations of what those who live near shelters and other residences for the homeless have known and have been saying for years: that many are mentally ill, or substance abusers, or both, and that shelters serve as focal points for crime, violence, drug use, and other offensive and ultimately dangerous behavior. Alice Baum and Donald Burnes, both of whom have had first-hand experience in Washington, D.

To put it another way, the homeless suffer from problems that housing alone will not solve. C., have written a book which, though at times repetitive, dispels many contemporary myths surrounding homelessness, and especially the central one: that the homeless are simply regular people without homes.

An docudrama about male sex workers in Beijing, descending on parks, nightclubs and other public spaces to interview both real-life "rent boys" and actors posing as prostitutes.

Their candid confessions provide a peek into Beijing's street hustler culture, touching on common themes like gay rights, class disparities and the pursuit of real romance.

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