Objective c label text not updating

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Kennedy’s excellent synopsis of methods for overlaying text on images prompted an idea. Just set the background color of the UIVisual Effect View (the view itself, not the content View) to a partially opaque white.

And, crucially, skip the vibrancy effect for the text.

Because i OS doesn't track the types of tasks that can run when the device is woken by changes in the user's location, these APIs provide a work-around for updating content in the background on i OS 6. Use discretion when implementing Region Monitoring or Significant Location Changes for background processing in applications that aren't already using the location APIs.

Apps using location monitoring for background processing expose a flaw in i OS 6: if an application's needs don't fit into a background-necessary category, it has limited backgrounding options.

In this post I am going to do a detailed walk through of setting up a table view cell with auto layout that has a variable row height.

Before going any further I should give credit to this great article by Amy Worrall on using auto layout to calculate table cell height.

Quite cumbersome as it requires us to bundle, and unbundle types manually, and implement at least one extra method.

As source data from my table view I have taken the first fifteen chapters of “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” from Project Gutenberg and imported it into a plist file (one sentence per item).

Whatever your personal feelings about blurred backgrounds (I happen to like them a lot, in general), there’s no denying it fits the current Apple aesthetic.

Ideally, blur and vibrancy add a subtle liveliness to the UI.

Many UI frameworks, including App Kit for Mac OS X and UIKit for i Phone OS, require that all methods to UI components are sent on the main UI thread.

Cocoa and Cocoa Touch make this quite easy by providing for example Since Objective-C is a superset of C, there are still all the types from C available.

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