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Với điều kiện tiên quyết là cậu phải hẹn hò với các cô gái và khiến họ yêu cậu.

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A man’s torso entered the frame and the child began to scream.It is said to stalk, abduct and traumatize children and, depending on interpretations of the myth, can cause memory loss, insomnia and paranoia.Payton's mother, Stacie Leutner, said her daughter asked about Slender Man before the attack because stories shared by her friend frightened her.Payton insisted her best friend knew Slender Man was real. She explained Geyser told her they needed to slaughter their friend to become 'proxies' of Slender Man and gain access to his mansion, which they believed was located inside northern Wisconsin's Nicolet National Forest.Arrests: Anissa Weir, left, and Morgan Geyser, right, allegedly stabbed the girl after inviting her over for a sleepover.

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