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Mohammad hasn't gone that far yet, but he says it is only a matter of time until he goes home with a man. He then claimed to be an adult to escape the violence in the island's notorious Moria camp.He has just 30 euros left in his pocket, and he is quickly losing hope. Since then, despite looking very much like a teenager, with pimples, a small stature and thin voice, he has been turned away from shelters for minors. In the parks and on some squares you can see refugees and migrants living in poverty, you can see signs of unhealthy behaviours.But what is really behind them exposing themselves to all these risks, to situations of violence?Some ancient writers (including, most notably, Aristotle) considered slavery natural and even necessary.This paradigm was notably questioned in Socratic dialogues; the Stoics produced the first recorded condemnation of slavery.

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The weirdest myth or prejudice I heard was that Afghan boys were dancing boys, used for sex by war lords. The boys certainly don’t do this because it is in their culture!

"She is seen as a modern day hero," said Theordoros Pakos, a senior police officer on Crete.

"A lot of people here are really tired of the way drunken Englishmen comport themselves." The bar where the events took place is in Malia, a resort that has become notorious for the bad behaviour of tourists.

Locals are increasingly angered and exasperated – not least at the sight of couples copulating in public.

Internet chat rooms and UK party sites publicising "all night" orgies have fanned the unruly and drunken behaviour in the resort.

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