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They may suggest kinds of touch that they consider to be non-threatening but wouldn't normally be ways a guy would touch a non-sexual male buddy.

These guides then often go on to describe kino escalation - touching the woman more intimately as the guy has gained her trust and she appears to be receptive for more interaction.

The pickup community uses the word “kino” to designate “touch.” Mystery, the towering innovator in the community, defines kino simply. Suddenly this other chick he gamed like two weeks earlier–and who wasn’t as hot–came up to him all excited and was like: “Lance! If we communicate well in all three ways with a woman, we’ll be deadly. When you kino girls in step one, follow these three golden rules. We shake hands when we first meet a person, so kino on the hand or arm is safe. Other types: high-five, too slow high-five “Up high” “Down Low” She misses “Too slow!

“Physical escalation.” Kino is short for kinesthetic. Proactive kino (not reactive kino) helps us to control the frame, and lead her… Our communication will be well-rounded and effective. If you touch her thinking, “I HAVE to have her heh heh heh…” that will creep her out. …like you’re just friends, it’ll be FUUUUUN, not creepy. Credit goes to Lance Mason for these rules: Kino within 10 seconds OR LESS of your approach. And it makes kino less difficult and awkward later on. ” Nothing like schooling a chick with a too slow high five!

The word kino is short for kinesthetic approach, meaning physical touch with the intention of getting to know someone better.

Kino is a commonly used word in the pickup artist world.

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Guides for pickup artists tell their audience of men who don't want to remain "average frustrated chumps," AFCs, how to use touch to show women that they are romantically or sexually interested rather than interested in a platonic relationship.

Different tactics are suggested by different authors.

How do you touch a woman you’ve never met before without creeping her out? He can soak her panties with just the warmth of his touch. #5: Words Are Abstract, Kino is REAL Let me tell you a story that illustrates this point. At first when he saw her visually, his logical, articulate mind was like “I don’t want to spend the night with this girl.” But after she touched him, his feelings shifted. And that was because she made a KINESTHETIC connection with him. For example, seeing Susan Ward naked on a bed in a picture is one thing, having her half-naked in your bed… Back to the story: Lance goes into the set with the hot chick anyway and starts bantering with her back and forth. Yet he still feels the electricity with her from that sexual tension. What that means for us in pickup is that there are three ways to communicate with a woman: visually through body language, auditory through words and voice tone, and kinesthetically through touch. If we only use words, it’s one-dimensional communication. Without that simple touch, the banter doesn’t work as well. …with the fact that the kino establishes a feeling of respect.

And how do you keep touching her in a way that leads to a kiss, and eventually to sex? A Ladies’ Man touches a woman like he assumes the sale. Also, there’s a book called “The Five Love Languages.” It claims there are five ways to communicate love to a woman. Of the five ways, touch is THE one language all women crave. How many women have you heard complain their man didn’t show her enough physical affection? Lance Mason, a Master PUA (Pick-Up Artist), tells this story about how he approached the hottest chick at a bar one night. All of sudden the not-as-hot chick throws her arms around him. All the electricity he felt with the hot chick got transferred to the not-so-hot one. There’s even less stuff about body language, and virtually zero on kino. When we become adults we create these “stranger” boundaries. As if to say “hey, you’re cool and I’m being friendly.” Then when I give her shit afterwards, they’re even clearer that it’s done with an underlying feeling of respect.

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