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I thought I had left the cold behind but some unseasonable storms brought in a lot of snow and an enforced stop.It was a lucky stop as I met Jai Lun, a young man from Taiwan with whom I cycled for a few days.It was pretty wonderful to have company, someone to share food with, someone to decide where to pitch the tents at the end of the day and talk about the events on the road, the villages we had been to and the people we had met, and someone with whom to plan the next day.

اختیارم دست خودم نبود صداهای تحریک کننده بابام که دائم داشت به مونا میگفت و اه کشیدن های مدام مونا که داشت حال میکرد و از کس دادنش لذت میبرد و کس خیس اب خودم همگی بهم میگفتند تو هم لذت ببر .I have been political since age 11, yet I have been politically active since 1979.Since then, I have been a part of Iranian Resistance and the Foundation for Iranian Studies' quarterly journal of Iranian studies published for thirty four years from 1982 to 2016.While the publication of the journal was discontinued with Vol. 4 issue, all rights of intellectual ownership, including but not limited to the title Iran Nameh, copyright, and logo, are reserved and remain to the, Foundation.

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