Horse eventing equestrian dating olympics

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The individual Final will be held on 9th Aug – it may be included in the time for the Team Final above or it may be run after the Team Final.

Two thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks recognised that if rider and horse were to survive in battle, complete cooperation was necessary between the pair and developed Dressage as a method to train the horses for war.

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Dressage work is the basis of all the other phases and disciplines within the sport of eventing because it develops the strength and balance that allow a horse to go cross country and show jump competently.A horse’s ability to move quickly from side to side, burst into a gallop or change direction immediately were all considered vital skills.With the disintegration of Ancient Greece, the art of riding slowly fell into oblivion, until its revival during the Renaissance period.Freestyle is the pinnacle of Dressage execution and when it works, the result is magic.Equestrian sports featured on the Olympic programme of the Paris Games in 1900, with jumping events, and were then withdrawn until the 1912 Games in Stockholm.

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