Heather locklear jack wagner dating

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“Jack and I were paired up and there was chemistry, on camera and off camera,” recounted Wagner, adding that the relationship quickly transcended what was happening on screen. The divorce was the best thing that could have happened to me and for my children, as well, because I don’t think I was being a very good mother at the time.

“Being thrown together on set in a romantic way, I think it was inevitable. I had to deal with myself, first, because we ultimately have to take care of ourselves before we can help others.” Through time and counseling, Kristina and Jack have moved on, come to peace with each other and become friends.

» They didn't get a happy ending together like the characters they played on Melrose Place, but it seems to be an amicable breakup for Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner.

They "still love each other very much," Wagner, 52, says, according to

Heather Locklear's ex-fiance Jack Wagner has welcomed a new family member into his home this Thanksgiving after recently discovering he has a long-lost daughter.

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Carrie joined Wagner's two sons from his marriage to actress Kristina Wagner, Peter and Harrison, to cheer on their father, who performed at the gig.

Wagner and Locklear called off their engagement last week.

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