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If she's insulted, she doesn't apologize or back down.

She handles it with tact, so as to reduce the chance of further abuse.

Via Cornell’s Creative Machines Lab, two robots are forced into an uncomfortable conversation that touches on God and other existential matters.

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A program that can converse so fluently that people can’t tell it’s a program is said to pass the Turing Test, a nod to Alan Turing, the British code-breaker and computing visionary who, in 1950, predicted that by the twenty-first century we would reach a point at which we would “speak of machines thinking without expecting to be contradicted.” The consensus, to this point, is that the Turing Test has yet to be passed.

(Weizenbaum wrote that Eliza’s script, which he called Doctor, was a parody of the method of the psychologist Carl Rogers.) “I’m depressed,” a user might type.

“I’m sorry to hear you are depressed,” Eliza would respond.

The chief executive of Robin Labs, Ilya Eckstein confirmed that Robin, their company’s chatbot was being used with this purpose in mind.

He said that “mostly teenagers and truckers without girlfriends” were having up to 300 naughty conversations a day with the artificially intelligent software.

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