Dating site failure

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Many online dating services claim to have crazy high success rates, but as this Washington Post article points out, we have little way of knowing what those success rates are based on. If you're on the lookout for love, the internet can be a valuable resource; just make sure you don't waste your money on something you can get for free.

With just a little over a month left until Valentine's Day, you might be considering upping your online dating game, but before you start shelling out for a paid subscription to a dating service, consider the facts. Sure, I can name a few couples in my life who met on paid sites like e Harmony or, but I actually know significantly more people in committed relationships who met on free dating sites like Ok Cupid, Plenty of Fish and, yes, even so-called "hookup" apps like Tinder and Grindr.

—-For many people, online dating is a godsend – especially if you’re the sort of person who hates trying to meet people on the bar and club scene.

It offers you the chance to be as specific as you want to be in your search for for potential partners.

If the event doesn’t make a profit, does that make it a failure? And then I spoke to friends with more business experience.

The more knowledgeable people I spoke to, the more I understood where my expectations should be.

Apparently most start-ups make a loss in their first year.

Sometimes you end up in situations where you have no idea about reasonable expectations. I’ve spent my summer setting up the Dating Industry Awards from scratch.

It’s the first time I’ve ever set up a company or organised a national event, and I genuinely had no clue where to set my sights.

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