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The range of work takes in video, performance art, textiles, painting, archival works and more.Several spaces across the city will be repurposed and EVA will take art to the community via projects like Nice Screams, wherein a newly chosen national anthem will be played from an ice cream van through the city.It usually takes an outsider to point out your blindspots, so, it is an intriguing prospect that EVA 2016 is curated by Koyo Kouoh, a Cameroonian curator and producer, and that it will, using the centenary of 1916 as its impetus, seek “to investigate the post-colonial condition of Ireland as a point of departure.” For Kouoh, concerned as she is with “colonialism worldwide, with particular focus on Africa, southeast Asian and South American countries,” Ireland has always seemed “a very interesting place”.Of all the territories that have been occupied and dominated by the British colonial enterprise, she says, “Ireland has been the one longest occupied and at the same time doesn’t want to really deal with it directly somehow, which is not really the case in Africa.” The responses of 57 artists, from some 2,000 who responded to a call for submissions, will be presented at various locations around Limerick from April 16.

The All-Ireland Collection features every hurling final as it was reported in the Irish Examiner from 1902 through to this year's final.The Authority does not manage Expressway either strategically or on a day-to-day basis.As we have clarified previously, the Authority has granted a limited number of licences on the Cork, Limerick and Waterford corridors to private operators offering non-stop or limited stop services between Dublin and each city, which met a strong customer demand.It is notable that since 2013 there has been significant growth in passenger journeys on the intercity bus services.Relive in glorious detail over a century of All-Ireland Hurling finals in this incredible and exclusive collection from the Irish Examiner Archive.

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