Dating a girl as tall as you

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Did you know that Derek Rake is a short (and nerdy) dude?(What he discovered will make you cry tears of joy) Besides my young looks, my scars and my social fears, my height was definitely one reason why I wasn’t successful with women.A lot of men aren't really man enough to date a taller woman. When a tall woman dates a shorter man, people notice. People who aren't in the relationship assume that the height difference really bugs the couple. So basically, dating a shorter man is almost exactly the same as dating a taller one.Except when they're shorter, they might be less good at physical stuff than you are, and people say stuff like, "I can't believe you're dating someone who's shorter than you!However, most of my female friends admit that it's still important for them to date or marry a man who is taller than them.And not only a bit taller either, a good two inches taller is required.But height itself is definitely not that important. They never let the girl pay or drive or do the traditionally masculine thing.

However, I promised myself to always be honest with you, even if this honesty might hurt you.But these days, with supermarkets doing all the hard work for our men (and women), what is the main strength modern women should look for in a potential partner?Surely it's not whether men can chop down trees to provide vital fuel for both dinner and warmth, but, sadly in many of my male mates' cases, their ability to sit at desk and stare at a computer screen for long periods at a time. Whether we're playing sports or I'm just trying to leap over his head, it feels a lot better with a tall man than a short one. In a similar vein, for tall women interested in sports (as a lot of us probably are -- our height helps us be better athletes) competing with someone taller is generally more exciting.

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