Daria werbowy is dating

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The few times I don’t feel it is when a person hides from me or themselves. I want to love and appreciate my subjects and vice versa.

My expectation is love and connection.” ON HER DREAM WEDDING: “I’m not that kid that grew up thinking about weddings ever.

We were SO excited and felt totally connected, like we were in it together.” ON CREATIVITY AND WOMEN: “I love taking pictures of women that represent human strength and bravery to me, that female/feminine superpower. I would love to curate a shoot with Beth Ditto, Catherine Keener, Cate Blanchett and Julia Res, this beautiful androgynous soul spirit who is super comfortable with fluidity and femininity and masculinity.

The closer you get to her, the more beautiful she gets.” ON INTIMACY AND PHOTOGRAPHY: “It’s the only time I know I’m on the right page. My baseline is to connect with my subject, to see them and let them see me.

Chung told WWD that she got most of her inspiration for the collection, which featured various denim silhouettes, T-shirts and slouchy sweaters, from film clips and Instagram.

"A lot of the images I was looking at were of male gangs in films like 'Badlands,' so I had this vibe of teenage unrest and juvenile delinquents.

Prior to being named the face of AG, Chung collaborated on two capsule collections with the brand.

"It was just a natural thing that happened," a source explains. She took him around London, though he's not unfamiliar with it himself." PHOTOS: Amanda Seyfried's hottest hookups This is the first serious relationship Hartnett has been in since his summer split with Amanda Seyfried.

WHY SHE’S FOXY: Because not only is she a mother of two who can breakdance on command, she is also a kick-ass photographer whose raw, romantic style has captured the zeitgeist in the spirit and faces of everyone from Cate Blanchett to Jay Z.

ON HER MEETING HER PARTNER: “There are two stories.

The pair were first spotted looking cozy in New York City's So Ho neighborhood on May 4, where they stopped to smell cherry blossoms on the street.

The actors were seen walking arm-in-arm weeks later when they toured St.

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