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Anna was one of four siblings and grew up in London.

She attended North London Collegiate School, whose other celebrity alumni include actresses Rachel Weisz and Anna Popplewell.

Showing an eager interest in fashion from a young age – it is rumoured that she cut her trademark bob at the age of fourteen – Wintour worked as a part-time shop girl at BIBA, the cult 60s label.

In what was to be her first foray into fashion journalism, she was appointed editorial assistant of As part of a huge push to raise awareness of AIDS in the 1990s, Wintour developed a charity program with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), eventually raising over million.

Back in the day, Brown commissioned a super hard hitting story on Shelby Bryan, who was then Wintour’s boyfriend and is now her husband.

At the time, Bryan had been forced out of his communications firm and Brown wanted to do a story on his “fall from grace” for go over well with Wintour, so there is some good drama there.

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The marriage lasted fifteen years and the couple divorced in 1999 amid rumours that Wintour was having an affair with investor Shelby Bryan.

Anna’s acting and singing aren’t the only things that grab attention.

Her sense of humor has gained her nearly 4 million followers on Twitter.

According to the network’s press release, the six hour series will depict how the “bold and driven women fight their way to the top of a male-dominated industry driven by greed and betrayal” and “change the world around them.” .

The Newhouse family owns Condé Nast, the publisher of both Wintour and Brown’s publications.

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